I like to describe myself as a mutt in terms of my experience… and believe me being a mutt can be of great benefit to you!

I am a business woman, a mom, and creator of my own destiny.11742735_10155948459020121_4758115907047233740_n (1)
I am a self-proclaimed change junkie [it’s part of being a right brained, creative].
I am willing to ask the tough questions, and fight the ‘good’ fight.
I am someone that has always seen information differently, who is highly intuitive, and holds her core values close to her heart.
I trust my gut instincts and let my intuition guide me.
And I hold a black belt in transforming your life.

My core personal values are being AUTHENTIC, CREATIVE, and perpetually LEARNING & GROWING.

I believe that everyone has the potential to being amazing! And their businesses can have amazing results.  And I like to help you question how you define AMAZING, what is holding you back, and how you can reach the potential you have.

I’m crazy passionate about…

  • breaking the cycle of self loathing and hatred we all seem so caught up in1383807_10153464576425121_698967947_n
  • working with people experiencing transition in their lives
  • helping creative entrepreneurs take a leap with their business and really see results
  • helping women believe in their own power and set out their own path
  • assisting business owners and leaders to develop a strategic outlook for their organization
  • facilitating groups to help them gain deeper understanding
  • working with larger organizations to improve their performance
  • … and don’t even get me started about zen-doodles, coloured pens, and being out in nature!

My Traditional Resume Includes….

  • Certified Martha Beck Life Coach
  • Trained Visual¬†Facilitator and Graphic Recorder
  • Diploma in Human Resources
  • Bachelor of Arts Degree in Geography
  • 10 years experience in the Tourism Industry in various front line and management roles
  • 6 years leading human resources and change management projects within government
  • 8 years in various internal coaching roles with a number of different organizations
  • 5 years roaming the earth and experiencing life (while working in some amazing jobs – including arranging ship naming ceremonies, working as a Customs Officer, and various roles in a large Oil & Gas company)


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