Directis Consulting – Strategic Human Resource Consultant

“Working with smaller organizations and helping them become aligned with their core values.”

You’ve got so many things going on in your business. Some days you feel like pulling out your hair.

Which pile on your desk is currently on the back burner?

I have clients that reach out to me for many different reasons, but the heart of the issue is always the same – they feel like they aren’t getting the time or focus in their business to do the work that matters. This might show up in different ways

  • low morale,
  • loss of life-work balance,
  • struggling profitability,
  • lack of organizational direction – really, the list goes on and on.

Here’s the beautiful thing – I have the skills, knowledge, training and insight to be able to dig through those surface issues and to help you figure out.  Together we can unearth what’s really going on and decide how to address it.

So what does working with me look like?

  1. At first I want you and I to sit down and have a directed conversation about what’s going on.  You tell me your needs and your ideas. I’ll ask some questions that may prompt an a-ha or two. At the very least will look at the problem from a few different angles. That conversation is typically done by phone, it’s free and it takes around 45 minutes.
  2. During the call I’ll probably be able to give you a decent idea of if I’m a good fit to help with what you need.  I might even suggest a course of action.
  3. After that I’m going to step away and put my thinking hat on to really figure out how I can best serve you.
  4. Then I will let you know my thoughts, most likely via email, with a proposal and a quote.


Let me be your organization’s strategic human resource consultant

How I can help you and your organization is going to vary greatly.

I’ve got a lot of tools in my toolkit, and I’m talented at knowing which ones will best serve which issues.

If you are a leader or entrepreneur that is personally struggling to stay connected to your work, we’ll probably start off with a package of coaching conversations.

If your organization has lost its direction or is navigating changes, I might propose holding a strategic planning session with follow-up work.

If you tell me that you’re having challenges with your team or that you desire to build some skills in your group, then we’ll talk about what training and workshops I can offer.

I am passionate about seeing you and your business be strategic in the work that you are doing so that you can reach the success you envision.

Another thing to know is that a lot of the time I work visually.  Whether we are having a coaching conversation, I’m working with a team, or giving a presentation I usually am found with multiple coloured pens at the ready.  Doing things visually helps your brain to see your challenges and strategies from a different perspective.  My clients have expressed a deep appreciation for the insight that these ‘doodles.’ provide.human resource consultant in Victoria

So, let’s connect and see how I can best serve you!

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