You Don’t Need to Make a Radical Shift to Have a Radical Impact (Lesson from my Love Affair with Tiny Homes)

Ever experience a time that a concept really catches your fancy, and then sticks? Right now I am utterly and completely having a love affair with the Tiny House movement that’s going on in the states (and starting to really take hold in Canada). So what exactly it a Tiny House?  Well, generally it’s anything […]

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Choosing Self Love (it’s a daily practice)

When was the last time that you let yourself down?  This morning as I woke, I tuned into a tape that was playing in my mind. It’s an old tune that I’ve heard many times before… “you’re not where you need to be…. You’re failing… you’re being a fraud.” Then I mentally started to take check […]

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Embodying a Creative Star

It’s early in the morning.  The cat is up roaming, but all other creatures are still sleeping. All but me and my creative brain. It’s a regular occurrence.  I wake up before the sun rises with my mind buzzing from all its activity during my slumber.  I have list to make.  Dreams to build on.  […]

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Beautiful clarity

Today I decided to do my blog by video… The video is done totally off the cuff and on the fly, but it’s a subject that’s been bubbling up inside me for a while now. You see, I’m pretty crazy passionate about clarity. I like knowing the rules (even if I might then end up bending […]

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Gratitude for the Darker Parts of Your Life

It’s a cool, misty morning and I’m sitting here, staring out the window and into the fog.  You see, I’ve recommitted myself to a regular writing practice.  I adore writing.  I adore blogging.  And occasionally I’m lucky enough that others adore what I write. But I stopped writing for a while. At first it was an intentional […]

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Lessons from Unwanted Life Moments

When you look back over your life, from where you stand right now, what moments do you feel defining for you?  I’ve been reading Pamela Slim’s book The Body of Work (it kicks ass by the way) where she talks about your ingredients list.  That’s everything in your history, your likes, dislikes, etc that make […]

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Seeing Deeper Than Our Eyesight Allows

I went to bed last night with a blog post forming in my mind on the journey of life, the process of death and how to live life to the fullest.  All night the verbiage moved through my head.  And I woke up ready to write it. Then, as I let my consciousness bubble up […]

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