Rock Your Vision

rock your vision

“I’m SUPERRRR busy and my work and to do list is a MILE long.

I don’t have time to think about what I want!”


Let’s be real for a moment here.

Aren’t You Tired of Holding Yourself Back from Building Your Dream into Reality?

Rock Your Vision is for everyday people who long to have more of what they desire and dream about; time, money, and freedom just to name a few.

“This ain’t your mamma’s vision board class!”  This is a hands on, in depth program where together we will cut your to-do list in half, get crystal clear on what it is you really want to create, and show you tangible & easy step-by-step guidelines to get you gaining traction in your life again. All of this so that you can shed the “ I can’t/don’t know how”, “what’s the use” and “I’m too busy attitude,” that stops you from having what you really want.


Having a dream and chasing it doesn’t have to be two separate things.

However when self doubt, a busy schedule, and lack of knowledge continue to plague you, nothing gets off the ground. Excuses, and real life, get in the way of you having what you crave, and let’s face it fear and judgement have never been good catalysts for creativity and courage.

Are you ready to shift gears, while having FUN?


vision board

In 6 Weeks You’ll Move from Dreaming into Doing

Rock Your Vision was designed to take busy, hungry-for-more, creative people like you from cloudy to clarity, so that you can live the life you have always envisioned for you and your loved ones.

In 6 short weeks, you will learn how to take an image on paper and make it a real life reality.

You will learn how to stay focused on what you want even when the road gets bumpy and or challenging, AND your To-do list will no longer run the show.

Not to mention, you will have an ongoing community of like minded people to call upon for inspiration and support when you need it.

rock you vision

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to make this a year for the record books.

How Long?

6 Weeks

 How Much?

$485.00 Cdn for a 6 week, 1:1 program

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Need More Information?

That’s cool, book a 15 minute conversation

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Here’s What You Can Expect

Working 1:1 we can tailor this program specifically to your needs!  Here’s a general idea of the flow of the program: Each and every session is going to be jam packed with ideas, tools and prompts to help you move from having a vague dream into a tangible, juice goal.

Week One: Creating Your Vision

This week is all about creation – Creating time, intention and the physical aspects of creating your first tangible board.

Week Two: Coaching Your Vision

Freaking out about creating a board? Having a hard time feeling out your vision?  This week is all about devoting time to help you 1:1 to get solid on your starting point.  You’ll have a 1:1 call with either Darren or Stacey to work through any challenges you’re facing while creating your first board.

Week Three: Honing Your Vision

Week two focuses on gaining clarity and knowing how to tapping into deeper, inner desires.  How can you take your big vision and create W.H.O.L.E. goals that will help you achieve it? We’ll identify themes and sub-dreams and zero in on the one you want to work with for the remaining 4 weeks.

Week Four: Mapping the Path.

Learn to draw out and follow your map. Simple, easy tool to stay on target.

Week Five: Fears, Fucks and Oh Shits!

Knowing your top two to three ways you say fuck it, this is too scary or too stupid.  Not to mention we’re going to talk a little bit about the Haters that you have in your life.

Week Six: Ready to Rock.

We’ll finish off  the six week by talking about how to maintain and sustain ongoing energy so that your dreams really do come true.

It’s time to invest in yourself and move from Dreaming into Doing

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